Thursday, July 21, 2011

Healthy Cereals Suck

In an effort to eat better, and because it's still oppressively hot, I have some healthy cereals.  They don't require cooking and are to be eaten cold.  Yes!

I bought Grape Nuts because I remember that John Denver used to sing about it, I think.  Not that I like John Denver, but since he's been dead forever and I remember that he sang the jingle and the cereal is still around, the cereal has some staying power.  Someone must eat it.

Maybe Grape Nuts caused him to veer off course and crash.  This stuff is worse than shredded cardboard!  Who eats it?  I don't think the birds in the yard would eat it if I tossed it back there.  Yuck!

[Note to self: experiment for later.  See if the birds will eat it.  Science is fun.]

Perhaps I should put a bowl out for the woodchuck we are trying to get rid of.  That might work better than the Have a Heart trap.  He will take a bite and say, "Hell, I'll go to the neighbors, they have cat poop."

On another note, why do dogs think cat poop is like candy?  Perhaps I should devote a blog post to that topic alone.  Is it a coincidence that I bring up cat poop in my discussion of bad cereals?  Perhaps....perhaps not.

Special K?  No flavor.  This is why people lose weight.  They forgot about how good food can taste.  "I guess I'll eat this flavorless Special K because the commercial says that this along with a balanced diet can help me lose weight."  Yeah, not so much.  Give me the balanced diet, but keep your Special K. 

I do like raisin bran and honey nut cluster stuff.  I will buy that next time.  Then I can talk about how much I like those wrinkled little dried grapes.

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