Monday, March 05, 2012

My Blood Type May Be My Demise

Fitness Magazine published an article recently stating that your blood type may be linked with stroke risk.  As if I didn't have enough genetic baggage.

Women with "AB had a 28 percent increased risk for stroke, and women with type B had a 17 percent higher chance."  Those with Type O may have "underlying protection from strokes."  Damn you universal donors!  At least my blood type is B, not AB.  I am not in the highest risk category.

The article states that I should consult with my physician about other cardiovascular risk factors.  Okay, I've already done that.  I have a history of heart disease in the family along with a history of skin cancer.  Now my blood type may have me at higher risk of stroke.  Seriously? 

I suppose I should really, really, really start to eat better and exercise more.  In fact, I should head out for a run right now.  It's a beautiful day and I need to lose weight and reduce my risks of heart disease and stroke.

Does red wine work for stroke as well as heart disease prevention?  Perhaps I should test it.

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