Sunday, April 29, 2012

The House Is Coming Along

A few months ago, Jamie, my brother and I started some work on the interior of our house.  It was sorely needed. 

The first thing we did was revamp our back room. It went from cluttered catch-all to half-bathroom with organized storage and a window seat/storage.

Our half bathroom.  My favorite room. 

We also added custom-built and custom-designed storage.  Thank you, Everett!

This room is so wee, that it's tough to get a good picture.  We added a nook for the freezer with storage above (to the right).  The cabinets to the left were made by my brother Everett.  Walls and floor were painted.

I have always wanted a window seat.  This is more for looks than functionality, but who cares!  I used fabric that I brought back from Africa.  It's a nice little nook.
A bit dark, but you can see the huge window, cabinets to the right, closet to the left, cool fabric on the seat.
A better picture with the cabinets visible.
The kitchen is our favorite room because Jamie and I both love to cook.  It was, however, not as functional as we would like.  I have always liked yellow kitchens so we painted the walls.  We were also told that we should either redo the floors with hardwood or ceramic tile.  I didn't want to pay for tile.  Jamie and I installed the bamboo floors ourselves.  I couldn't use my hands for a day.  Damn hard work.  I think for a living; I don't install floors.  Thinking doesn't hurt.

Maggie, the St. Bernard, says "get the ..... out of my kitchen and stay away from my Pedigree kibble."  Notice the yellow walls, bamboo floors, cutting board with new cabinet and exposed beam original to the house (to the right).  Also notice the new closet in the back room (visible on the right).
We had this annoying dishwasher/nook that made not one damn bit of sense.  I made Jamie rip out this stupid shelving unit that used to be here so that we could "install" a nook for eating.  This way if folks come to visit and we are cooking, they may sit and nibble or drink wine.  Cozy.

My apron collection is to the right; new table/chair combo is where the dishwasher/cutting board/stupid shelf was. 
Maggie is bored with you.  Please notice the exposed beam to the right, right next to the new spice cabinet build by Everett.  He also did our new cutting board visible in front of our knives.  Notice the bamboo floor and yellow walls.  Delicious!

A better view of the exposed beam, new spice cabinet and cutting board.  We moved the cabinets beneath around a bit to make room for the dishwasher (not in picture) that would be to the right of the sink.

Make fun of my veggie people if you will (on shelves to the left), but I love the little buggers!  The yellow and white make this room pop.
My plan was to paint the laundry room an obnoxious color, but we thought it would take two gallons of paint to paint the kitchen.  It did not.  That's why the laundry room is also yellow.  Hey, we won't waste expensive paint.

This room is even more difficult to photograph than the back room.  The slanted roof makes it hard to use this room for much.  This is just before the arrival of our new washer and dryer.  Floor is vinyl.

Hook-ups are ready for use!  Just before the washer and dryer arrive.  Notice our new lighting fixture.  It reminds Jamie of a 1930's fixture.  I told him it worked in the laundry room and made it retro.

We used the cart that was in the kitchen for our laundry room.  It serves as storage for laundry things and a sorting/ironing table.  The picture on the wall is a watercolor I picked up in Nova Scotia.  It depicts clothes hanging outside to dry.  I thought it appropriate to put it in the laundry room.  It is hung so high because Jamie and I are tall and because it is covering a slight blemish on the wall.

The washer and dryer work like champs.  And this room finally has a utilitarian use.  Woo hoo!

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