Thursday, January 02, 2014

Dining Room

Dining Room
The next victory is our dining room.  While not 100%, it is close enough to do some comparisons.  We do love renovating our home.  We get to use our own colors and our own style.  We live in an old farmhouse built in 1869.  Why wouldn't we use period pieces or faux period pieces?

Notice the carpet in the dining room.  But also notice the window nook and built in cabinet.  I am looking into the room from the kitchen.

This is a view from the hallway into the dining room.  The light fixture also has to go.

Please take a look at the door to the left and also behind the dresser. 

The walls in this room were not wallpapered nor were they paneled as was the case in every other room.  We removed the carpet, painted the walls, and replaced the light fixture.  We also removed both doors.  The door to the left leads into the hallway.  We removed the door and left the "doorway."  Now it is just an entrance/exit into the hallway.  The door behind the dresser leads to the front porch.

A word about the front porch.  It was the original entrance to the house and was an open porch.  It had been enclosed and broken into a room and two closets, one of which was accessible from the hallway and one accessible from the front porch.  We gutted this room.  Right now this front room is a mess and is loaded with debris.  We hope to redo this room in the spring.

We installed French doors into the front room.  One set may be seen in the after photos below.  The other set is in the hallway and will be shown in a separate post.

Notice the hardwood floors.  Also, notice the French doors at the back.  We haven't painted them yet, but they will be Snowbank as is all of the trim in the house and the built in cabinet to the right.  Also notice the light fixture and furniture.  The furniture we brought from our house in Alden.

This is the "door" to the hallway.  We removed the door and just left the space.  Nice view of the French doors also. If you look closely, you may see the other set of French doors through the open doorway (to the right).

Both sets of French doors are visible (partial view of the doors through the doorway).  The photo on the wall is a piece of art we brought back from Assisi, Italy. It depicts the olive tree fields.  It's a black and white drawing.

Notice the wine cabinet to the right.  It gets used....
View is into the kitchen.  There is a swinging door that Jamie would like to keep.  I would like to get rid of it, but am not going to fall on sword on that one.

This is the window nook.  We have quite a few plants here and Christmas decorations at the moment.  We ordered curtains for it.  They should arrive this week.  You can see our red barn and my Honda Fit through the window.

The built in cabinet, window nook and floors.  We are going to have the trim custom-made so that it mimics what would have been in the house.  Notice the art on the right.  I brought that piece back from Uganda, Africa.  It depicts three women taking care of their homes.

The floors:
We removed the carpet in the entire house.  Under most of the carpet we found stunning hardwood floors that required no maintenance or repair.  This is an example of that.  The kitchen and hallway, however, require some work.

Main wall color:  Coffee Rose (Olympic)
Window Nook color (also the color on the walls of the built in cabinet):  Gooseberry (Olympic)
Trim: Snowbank (Olympic)

Other pieces:
Light fixture:  Shaynor Electric, Orchard Park
Furniture:  Company no longer in business so it doesn't matter (sorry)

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