Thursday, January 02, 2014

I found the cord! Let's get started...

Bedroom One
I found the cord to the camera.  Woo hoo!  The bad news is that the camera is on its last legs, I think.  I've started taking pictures with my cell so those should work out a tad better.

The first room was our bedroom.  Right now this room serves as the master bedroom/my office, but in the future it will be a spare bedroom/my office.  It was the easiest to work with.  The room had carpet and wallpaper.  We removed the carpet and painted over the wallpaper.  Not idea, but it works.

Orange is one of my favorite colors.  It was one of our wedding colors.  I had to have an orange room!  My argument was that this would soon be my room.  Also, a little piece of me thought it might make the master bedroom redo move a bit more quickly if my husband had to sleep in an orange room all the time.

This is the room before we painted and removed the carpet.  We also removed the window treatments and added our own.  Notice the built-in closet.  There is a better picture of it below.

Ignore the stuff still in the room.

Here is the built in closet.  Awesome!

After (Warning, these photos are a tad blurry.  I will find better ones.)
The orange walls are clearly visible. The desk is a 19th century school masters desk.  It is fabulous!  The quilt was purchased at an antique store near Leroy, NY. Not sure if you can see the hardwood floors or not.

We had a color book from Lowes that noted that purple is a great color to complement orange (as are deep greens and reds).  Jamie was skeptical, but I think it works.  Can you see the hardwood floors?

The window treatments are a tad long.  I will hem them.  I just haven't felt like doing so.

There are a couple of other areas in the room I would like to capture. There is a brown chair in the corner that I use to read and relax.  It is so comfortable.  When Jamie watches TV, I escape to this room to read and relax.  So nice.

Wall color:  Orange Ochre (Valspar)
Trim: Snowbank (Olympic)

Other Pieces:
Bedset: No idea, it belonged to Jamie before we got married.
Desk:  Antique store
Butterfly quilt:  Antique store
Window treatments:  Bed Bath and Beyond (I think)

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