Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year, Happy New Home

Happy New Year!  We've been in our home since mid-September after going to hell and back to get it (no need to dwell on that now).  Since that time we have been updating the house and making it ours.  I will post before and after shots and note what we've done, what we've added and what we've deleted.

Right now I am not able to post the before pictures because they are on our camera, not taken with my camera phone.  We can't find the damn cable to upload the photos to the computer!  Alas, we will solve that problem soon enough.

Until then, please enjoy......

This is the front of the house with our first snowfall a few months ago.  Very nice old farmhouse built in 1869.

Because we have dogs, we had to fence the yard so they could run and play.  This is Maggie, the St. Bernard relaxing in the backyard.  We used the split rail fence and lined it with a wire fence.  From a distance all you see is the wood, not the wire.  It looks amazing!

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