Monday, June 11, 2012

Stand Tall

I knew that being tall had advantages.  For example, I believe that the tallest presidential candidate in the last number of presidential elections has won the office each time.  People seem to associate being tall with being able to do a better job.

When I applied for my current job, I made a point of wearing high heels to the interview.  Keep in mind that I am 5'11" without any heels whatsoever.  Adding 3-4 inches makes me taller than most men.  I have no idea how tall my competition is, but he must have been shorter than 6'2-6'3".

While reading the June 2012 issue of Whole Living magazine, I noticed a snippet regarding being tall.  "Research has shown that taller people are more likely to get promotions."  AMEN!

It did also note that "vertically challenged folks who feel powerful will believe that they are taller than they are - as will the people around them."

As the article pointed out, this is "another reminder to think tall when you're feeling small."

I am just happy that I don't have to think tall.  No offense to my vertically challenged friends.

I do have to say "thank you" to my vertically challenged friends for enjoying the 6" wedge shoes.  Because of you, they are making the inseam of jeans longer.  I almost don't have to buy the tall version of pants anymore!

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