Thursday, May 31, 2012

How's the Food by You, Part II

I had lunch with a friend today.  She is a former student who is heading to Charlotte soon to work with Teach For America.  We had a great conversation about the foods we would miss if we left Buffalo - and the foods she will miss.

I told her that Charlotte has horrible pizza and wings.  She was not happy about that.  I told her things may have changed since I last tried pizza in Charlotte, but I doubted it. 

People have a hard time believing that Buffalo has some damn good foods.  Buffalo is a very diverse place.  We have all sorts of ethnic restaurants and all sorts of really, really good restaurants.  I often say to people that if a restaurant is bad in Buffalo, it won't be open long because people will just go to a better restaurant which won't be far away.

What foods would I miss if I left Buffalo:
  • Pizza and wings absolutely.  No one does either the way we do.  It's a shame.
  • Sahlen's hot dogs.  I don't eat hot dogs that often, but when I do it has to be a good one.  Sahlen's are the best.
  • Beef on weck.  I could make my own damn weck roll and could cook my own beef, but it wouldn't be the same.
  • Frank's hot sauce.  I think I can get this other places, but I am not entirely sure.  And I would have to take the big ass bottle with me when I left.
This isn't a huge list, but it is Buffalo.  Buffalo has many other unique items, but I could live without them.  For example, I prefer fun mustards made locally that I purchase at art and craft shows.  Weber's doesn't do it for me.  I've just made a few enemies with that comment, but if your mustard glows in the dark, you should question it.

What favorite Buffalo foods would you miss, or do you miss?  What are some of your favorite foods in your area?

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