Monday, May 28, 2012

How's the Food by You?

That is a question that was asked in today's Parade Magazine.  The food by me is damn good. 

Other questions noted in the article with my responses:
  • Who's the best cook in your family?
I am.  I know that sounds arrogant, but honestly, I am the best cook in the family.  Most people will probably say "my mother."  My mother is a horrible cook which is why I am the best.  Necessity is the mother of invention.
  • Which supermarket aisle do you spend the most time in?
That depends.  Most of the time it's produce.  Sometimes it's seafood.  Sometimes cosmetics and toiletries.  Sometimes cleaning.  Sometimes dog food.  I usually stick to the perimeter of the store unless I need toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning supplies or pet food.
  • Which famous chef would you like to whip up dinner for you?
Cat Cora.  I admire her a great deal as the first, and I believe only, female iron chef.  From what I've read about her, she seems pretty down to Earth.  She also does some amazing things in the kitchen, it seems.
  • How would you rate your family's table manners?
That depends.  If we are expected to have them - holidays, fancy restaurant - we do.  If not, there are no rules!  (It's not as bad as that.  We do have table manners.)
  • When you're dieting, are you most likely to cheat with chips, candy or alcohol?
First of all, I never consider alcohol cheating.  Red wine is a perfectly acceptable "diet" beverage.  If I cheat, chips are the way to go.  I am trying not to eat chips since I was told I have high cholesterol and need to get it in check, but chips all the way.

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