Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Living Room

We finished the living room....sort of.  We do need to fix the hole in our wall and also add trim to the top and bottom of the walls.  We are having it custom made so that it is keeping with the style of the house.

I was incredibly nervous to buy leather furniture with dogs.  Everyone I'd talked to, though, said that leather furniture is a God-send with pets.  They were right!  Not one scratch (knock on wood) and the fur and spit just wipes right off.  Why didn't we do this sooner?  Oh yeah, it's expensive as hell.  But it lasts a lifetime - or it better.

We opted for pieces that would be more traditional looking without being trendy so that we were sure we would still like it years from now when we are still wiping spit and hair off of them.

Look at how wonderful the floors look.  This was after removing carpet and not doing a damn thing to them but sweeping and mopping.  Notice the orangish throw on the back of the sofa.  One of the best, most comfortable finds at a local antique shop.  You may also see the hallway color on the right.

View from the inside of the living room looking out into the hallway.  We painted the trim in the living room but have not yet gotten to the trim in the hallway.  That will happen soon enough!  Staircase is fabulous.  From this photo you can see the hallway, and to the left, the door that leads to the dining room (notice that wonderful Coffee Rose paint color on the walls).

View into the living room from the hallway.  Notice the shelves at the top left.  My NatGeo collection is houses there!

The floors:
We removed the carpet in the entire house.  Under most of the carpet we found stunning hardwood floors that required no maintenance or repair.  This is an example of that.  


Main wall color: Hi-Ho Silver (Olympic) 
Back of Shelves color: Blue Fjord (Olympic)
Hallway walls: Amber Waves (Valspar) 
Trim: Snowbank (Olympic)

Other pieces:
Leather Furniture:  Calvin's Leather Gallery, East Amherst, NY
Furniture:  Company no longer in business so it doesn't matter (sorry)

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