Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tagine Dreams

I had been looking for a tagine for some time.  I had never used one, but had heard it was a wonderful cooking vessel.  I found a store on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo what sells them along with olive oils and other Moroccan treasures.

Not only are they wonderful "steamers," they are quite lovely.  I can't hide mine in the drawer because it's much too beautiful.

The tagine on the stove.

Beef stew cooked in the tagine.

I am used to cooking on a gas stove and cannot wait to get rid of the electric stove that came with the house.  That said, I was afraid to try cooking on the stovetop.  You may also cook in the oven using the tagine.

Low heat is all it takes and about an hour later you have a fabulous stew.  Our initial stew looks great, but I would have chosen a better cut of meat.  Next time we will try chicken thighs.

Oh, the smells.  And the little pipe of steam coming out the hole in the top.  This was just cool to watch.  The idea is that it is also a serving platter so you can take it from stove to table.

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