Sunday, January 25, 2015

Christmas at the Homestead

Looking through recent posts it occurred to me that I didn't post any of the photos from Christmas.  I thought I had, then I remembered that I posted them to Instagram.

Our plan is to invite Christmas into every room in the house but we haven't gotten that far yet.  I will tell you that we raided Lowes' after Christmas sale and bought ornaments and enough lights to do the town of Franklinville next year.  Let's see how they get used.

We also had a great time finding vintage ornaments at our local antique stores.  Look for them next year also.

This year we decorated our living room.  We got our tree from our usual tree farm - Almeter's in Cowlesville/Strykersville.  He has a wonderful selection and the atmosphere is great.  If you choose the right weekend you will be wandering about in freshly fallen snow on acreage with a marvelous view.

My cousin Clay has made wooden ornaments for the family for years.  Each year I look forward to his newest creation.  I have Santa's head and the drummer boy (boy is harder to see).  One year we plan to have a tree with just the wooden ornaments.

Ages ago when HGTV had how-to shows, I saw them make this Christmas tree.  All you have to do is get a Christmas-themed pot, some pillow/decorative rope and a conical styrofoam piece that fits the pot.  Put glue on the styrofoam base and then pipe the rope around.  To store it, I just take the "tree" out of the pot.  The other trees are from dollar-type stores or Rite-Aid.

The mantle of the fireplace had two small trees, lights and pine garland.  You can see the shelves decorated to the right and left of the mantle.

My "sister-in-law," Jennifer Stewart, makes these wonderful little ornaments.  This is my naked snowman. Love him!

I love to collect trees. The trees in this photo and the one below came from the Marilla General Store.  If you've not shopped here, it's worth the trip to Marilla.  Fun country, general store with great gift items and home decor.

Nothing says Country Christmas like a cock ornament.  Thanks, Nancy!

Rustic deer that I could keep out year round, but I like him at the holidays.  Found him at the gift shop in Machias.  They also have some neat finds.

Snowmen and trees.  Love them all at the holidays.

Uncle Jim left several ornaments behind.  A couple of them were farm-themed, so we had to hang the John Deere.  Hey, in the country, Santa drives a tractor.

Our tree in the perfect corner.

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