Sunday, March 29, 2015

Take Five of the Week: Part 2

Week Two!  This is some kind of record for me!
[As a note, I was ready to post this post last night; however, I had trouble with my PC (see Number 1 below).  I inadvertently turned off the "mouse" and couldn't operate the damn computer.  We call that user error.  The guys in IT likely have a different name for it.]

This is what I have this week.....

Number 1: Learned: Mac vs PC.  I always used a PC until I came to SBU.  I had the option of getting a Mac and I did.  Twice.  Each time I had problems I never had with a PC.  In fact, the problems were so odd and ridiculous that I swore I would never get another Mac. I was the only one I knew who had this trouble until I talked to a couple of others.  Macs are highly overrated.  PC all the way.  Love my PC.

Number 2: Experienced:  It's not that kind of party.  I got a mammogram this week.  Early detection is key to stopping cancer in its tracks.  For those who haven't had a mammogram (and some who have I guess), they give you stickers to put on your nipples.  It helps to identify the nipples in the films (or so they tell you). Please remember to remove your nipple stickers before leaving the facility.  I don't know about your place of employment, but SBU is not a nipple-sticker kinda place.  It's not that kind of party.  They are also uncomfortable if you forget about that.  And that can happen in the race to get your shirt back on, stupid as that sounds.

Number 3: Experienced.  Once you buy it I don't care where you rub it.  I participated in Springtime in the Country this weekend.  I debuted my new name (Wild Mountain Botanicals), new logo and new look (see photo below of my hand and body lotion).  Same great products!  I was reminded of a show I did in North Carolina several years ago. Our Skin Repair Cream works really well for people who struggle with eczema.  A woman came up after reading our sign (Got eczema? See us.)  She encouraged her husband/brother (I don't remember which he was - husband or brother).  She told him that he needed to get the cream.  His response?  "Can I rub it on my balls?"  My initial thought was, "Dude, that's not eczema."  But I said "Once you buy it I don't care where you rub it."  His sister/wife was mortified and apologized up and down.  It gave me a story to share with my friends.

Number 4: Learned:  White Rabbit Design and Insty-Prints rock.  I mentioned that I have a new logo and look.  I also have wonderful new labels.  Thanks so much to Katharine Smith of White Rabbit Design and Joyce DeLong of Insty-Prints.  They were able to design and print labels for me to make my products shine.  Like Wild Mountain Organics on Facebook for more photos and other info.

This is the lotion with the new logo, look and labels.

Number 5: Learned: Perhaps you shouldn't use flowers to choose paint colors.  Last week I mentioned that I discovered power sander love.  This week I am not sure if the color works in the living room.  I have a picture below of the before and after of the hutch I refinished.  I don't think Jamie likes it.  When the sun goes down, it looks pink in our room rather than the Valspar La Fonda Spanish Dancer that it is.

Before sanding and refinishing.

After photo against the wall. See how the colors seem different?
This is an evening photo.

After sanding and repainting.  This is a daytime photo.

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