Sunday, April 05, 2015

Take Five - Easter Edition

It's Easter in Franklinville.  It looks like Christmas.  Mother Nature, you are a bitch.

Number 1: Suspect:  Spring is never, ever, ever going to get here.  EVER! I know that isn't possible because climate change hasn't had that drastic an impact. I understand how weather and seasons work.  I know all about science.   It just feels as though we will never see spring.  NEVER!  I have had a couple of signs.  Snow is melting (and then it showed up again today as you can see below).  We have also seen our small spring flowers poke up.  I am sure they immediately regretted it and said some bad flower words and died.

As noted on Facebook and Twitter:  "Hey, Mother Nature....knock it the f... off!"

There is hope. Spring may still be there after the snow melts.

Number 2:  Becoming: Jamie and I are becoming homesteaders.  We tapped one maple tree in the backyard this year and made syrup.  It was easy, but tedious and kinda time-consuming (for him - I watched).  We did get some amazing syrup out of it.  We had it on pancakes this morning. Yum.  We also bought two mushroom kits and are growing our own shrooms.  We have button and oyster.  Below you will see the oyster mushrooms peeking out.  I bet those shrooms are happier than the little blue flowers relegated to the outdoors.

Oyster mushrooms.  Can't wait for risotto and other assorted goodies.

Number 3: Realization:  Bigger is not always better.  Really.  I don't think I've convinced Jamie of that, but I believe it.  We had this monstrous (and ugly) bedframe in our bedroom.  We also bought mattresses as part of the Franklinville High School Band fundraiser. (A mattress fundraiser with high schools - I can't make that sound normal.)  I asked Jamie if we could remove the bedframe.  We did and the orange room (which will soon be yellow) looks so much better.  SO MUCH BETTER!  You can move around now.  I'll take pictures after the room is painted.

Number 4: Embraced:  Spring cleaning is awesome!  Really.  The actual cleaning sucks, but the feeling afterward is amazing.  I cleaned the house on Friday from top to bottom (or nearly so).  I am struggling with a cold so I had to take more frequent breaks than normal, but to be able to throw open the windows and let fresh air in is amazing!  The house feels wonderful and it's nice to be able to read and type in a clean home.  Not that it was that bad before.  I can't believe I just typed that sentence.  Jamie and I have been so busy lately our house was a pig sty.  In fact, I think pigs may have said, "Hell no, where's the barn."

Number 5: Retro Suggestion:  Home Economics class is a must.  Before I get all sorts of haters who think I am trying to take away the rights of women, let me explain.  I don't think that home-ec should be for women only.  I think men should take it too.  I was reminded of home-ec this weekend when I shortened curtains in the orange room.  They were much too long so I hauled out my mom's old Singer sewing machine and made the alterations.  I still remember how to do this.  I thought of that while I sat sewing with my foot full-throttle on the pedal.  I then remembered that I learned to cook in home-ec.  Another class everyone should take - shop.  I don't care if it's auto shop or whatever other shop there is (wood, steel, rubber, I don't know).  Everyone needs to learn how to use tools and make at least minor repairs.  It would have been awesome if I learned my share of plumbing, electrical and drywall work.  I wouldn't still be waiting for a flipping second floor loo.

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