Saturday, April 11, 2015

Take Five: Twist

I was reading The Buffalo News as I always do and there was an article suggesting that you make meaningful purchases when you travel.   Instead of a t-shirt - or worse, a t-shirt that reads, "someone I know went to Siberia and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" - why not get art or something for your home that you will remember and will remind you of your trip.

Thanks, Buffalo News, but I've been doing that for years.  In fact, Jamie and I often do that now when we travel.  We have artifacts all over the house that speak to our travels, either together or separately.

Take Five this week chooses five locations either I have visited alone, with friends, family, students, or Jamie.

West Virginia: What a way to start a list.  My sister and I took my mother to Charleston, WV for her 70th birthday as a girls' weekend.  Since Pam lives in Charlotte and we live in Western New York, we thought Charleston would be a reasonable meeting point.  The crafters in WV are pretty extraordinary. I fell in love with many potters/ceramicists.  This is an example of one piece I purchased.  It is displayed on the shelves in our living room among the National Geographic magazines.  That's expensive real estate in my house!

Canada's Maritime Provinces: After I finished my masters degree, I went on a bike trip in Nova Scotia with a group of complete strangers. One of our stops featured wonderful glass.  I had to purchase a piece and have them ship it home.  I love fish and the colors on this fish just make me smile and remind me of biking from Halifax down the east coast to the southern tip.  On a separate trip, Jamie was introduced to my crazy Newfie cousins.  He loved it.  On the Ferry ride from Newfoundland to Maine, we hit some "turbulence."  While I didn't see my lunch a second time, I felt like crap the entire trip.  Jamie found a nice glass bowl that we display on our mantel.  He wanted me to get up to see it.  I think he thought that might help my seasickness.  Not really.  It just cemented the fact that I don't have any sea legs.  Both beautiful pieces.

China: I went to China with St. Bonaventure's MBA and IMC programs.  I got many nice things while over there.  Two are displayed below - Mah Jong tile set and silk woven artwork.

Africa: I have been lucky enough to travel to Uganda, Africa with SBU and Embrace It Africa.  I enjoy many of the pieces I have in my home and office that remind me of my time there.  I have a photo of a traditional African drum that was crafted by a local crafter.  I also have a painting that I had framed once I got home.  It depicts three women.  Very interesting pieces and all have a story.

Assisi, Italy: Thank you, SBU, for allowing Jamie and me to go on a pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy.  It was incredibly moving, relaxing and rejuvenating all in one trip.  We thoroughly enjoyed many of the pieces we got while there.  So much artwork reminds us of our time there.  We have it displayed in the living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Our bowl.  It took us ages to decide on a bowl and the colors.  All were so beautiful.
This print reminds us of the hillside homes
and olive trees.

Imagine my surprise to find a witch
attached to a broom made from a
traditional tree/reed.

These are just five places I've been.  There are many more.  Perhaps a future Take Five will focus on other locations.

Have a wonderful week.  Remember to file your taxes by Wednesday!

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