Sunday, March 22, 2015

Take Five of the Week: Part I

I have seen people who have posted three or five things they are thankful for.  I thought, hey, I can do something like that with a twist.  I would like to start posting five things I have learned, have experienced, don't want to do, accomplished, whatever.  I'll call it Take Five of the week.

Number 1: Learned: I don't dislike and fear all power tools.  I don't care for tools that may kill me like power saws, power drills, and nail guns.  I do like power sanders.  I sanded and repainted a console table.  Jamie wasn't exactly thrilled with the color I chose, but I think he's getting into it now that we are putting the new hardware on the cabinet doors and drawers.  Picture to come in the next post.

Number 2: Learned: The crockpot is the best kitchen tool.  At the end of the weekend, take everything out of your refrigerator (within reason) and toss it in the crockpot.  Delicious!  A few months ago I wrote about making the best pork dish in the crockpot.  I used this method.  Today I took a chicken dish and added the rest of my leftovers.  Delicious.

Number 3: Experienced: You can't redo a recipe if you use the above step. I have no idea how to redo the pork recipe.  We would love to do that.  This recipe today was pretty good.  Won't be able to repeat it - at least not easily.

Number 4: Don't:  Don't shite up the loo and then close the door without turning on the fan.  Dude, it doesn't dissipate.  The smell is still there hours later.  It does beg the question - if you fart in a jar, can  you capture the smell?  Torture people with it later?  Hmmm.

Number 5: Experienced: Flowers make everything better.  Flowers at the dreary end of winter especially so.  We have been getting flowers from Tops (not highbrow, but still awesome) for several weeks.  They make the house feel like spring even though it's not spring outside.

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David K. said...

Love this. Power tools and all. But I respectfully submit that the crock pot is somewhat less versatile than the $10 microwave oven I bought at Goodwill.