Sunday, April 26, 2015

Take Five

Take Five - Travel Edition Continued

I have been doing my share of traveling lately and I am tired.  I just want to relax.  The semester ends in a few weeks and then summer starts even though "summer" the season won't even get here because spring won't ever come.

1.  Ebola Betty - stay the hell home!  This is an open message to the woman who was on my Jet Blue flight from Boston to LAX on Monday.  You were coughing and hacking up a lung and in the loo every ten minutes.  If you are that sick, stay the hell home!  Why?  Because now I am sick.  I wanted to have a good weekend not spend it recovering from your illness.  Damn you, Ebola Betty!

2.  Love it or List it - Jet Blue is great because they have individualized televisions - yes, I know most do now, but Jet Blue led the pack.  I watched a Love it or List it marathon on HGTV.  When I hear this, "We don't have enough space in our house.  We need a larger house."  I want to scream, "Clean your shit up!"  Honestly, most of the problem is clutter.  Put the damn toys away, put your clothes away, purge shit you don't need.  CLEAN UP!

3.  Cities in the Desert - does anyone else find it odd that we build cities in the desert (Palm Springs, Las Vegas) and then wonder why we struggle with a water shortage?  Hmmmm.

4.  Vending Machines - I am not the biggest fan of vending machines because they usually contain crappy snacks and unhealthy soda pop.  This vending machine, however, is genius.  Can I get one for my house?

5.  Signs that shouldn't be - When I stay in a hotel, I don't expect to see the following signs.  I'm surprised there wasn't a bedbug warning.

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