Sunday, May 03, 2015

Take Five - Spring Edition

Well, do I dare say that spring may be here.  I am confident-ish.

1.  I need tires: And I think I can get away with regular tires, not snow tires.  I figure if I keep my snow brush and ice scraper in the car at all times, a late snow emergency should be averted.  I think I can safely put regular tires on the car.  I think.....

2.  Sinus or Allergies?: Last week I wrote about Ebola Betty.  I thought I had an illness contracted from Betty on my flight out to California.  Then I thought it might be some weird sinus infection.  Then a colleague suggested it might be allergies.  I have never had allergies and I know you can develop them as an adult.  Woo hoo.  Allergies and adult acne.  Am I 12 years old?  On another note, a friend recommended a neti pot. If you have not tried this, it's gross, but effective.  I think I may have cured what ails me.

3.  Flowers: Damn that flipping chipmunk and its family.  We do have daffodils growing alongside the barn, and they are lovely harbingers of spring, but the tulip bulbs I planted closer to the house did not yield blooms.  I think it's the damn chipmunk family.  Jamie did put chipmunk traps (they're mouse traps but since our goal is chipmunks, they're chipmunk traps on our farm) out.  We'll see.

4.  Barn cats: Evidently we have a barn cat.  We wondered how long it would be before someone dropped a cat off because I can guarantee we didn't get a cat.  I do not care for cats (fine witch I am). We have nice huge barns that would be prime drop off ground for some uncaring individual. I told Jamie not to feed it.  It needs to earn its keep.  Besides, I suspect our dogs would eat it as an appetizer if they found it or we tried to tame it.  I will say that cats are self-sufficient and self-reliant.  Dogs, not so much.

5.  Air the House!: Opening windows is wonderful!  Let the fresh air in the winter-stenched house.  Cool breeze blowing things about.  It doesn't get any better.

As a note, I overheard someone say that we are expected to get one of the hottest summers yet.  I will start meditating now so that I don't start killing people in July.  Oh, I am not a heat person.  Neither is Jamie.  We joke that we will eventually winter in Buffalo and summer in Nunavut.  Different strokes.....

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