Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rural Sunday....What to do? Take Five

I had dinner with a friend of mine the other day. She is decidedly urban and I am decidedly rural.  Now, I can be urban if I want to, but why?  There is so much to be said of rural living.

Today is Sunday and my husband and I decided to go to a couple of "events" happening in our neck of the woods.  There is always so much to do in the Western New York area that if you get bored, it's your own damn fault.  I wonder, are these activities you engage in?  Five things we did today.

Fly in, Drive Up pancake breakfast at the Olean Airport.  I don't think this airport is international, but it could be, I guess.  Small planes only - and helicopters.  I love pancake breakfasts for a couple of reasons.  First of all, breakfast.  What's not to like about pancakes, eggs, sausage, real maple syrup, yum?  Also, pancake breakfasts benefit a charity, in this case the Olean Airport.  I am more than happy to support local organizations.  There is also something just damn cool about watching people fly in in their little planes (I am sure they would be insulted by me calling them "little planes") and then take off.  You can get so close.

They also offered helicopter rides.  The airport is located at the top of one of the mountains in our Enchanted Mountain range.  I said that if get really into training, I will ride my bike up the hill to get to the airport.  I might need a lift down although down is the best part.  My husband said that the helicopter ride might not be the best for me since I am terrified of heights.  Here's what doesn't make sense - I can fly without a problem.  For some reason when I get so high, everything looks like the Land of Make-Believe from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and then it becomes unreal to me.  So it doesn't bother me that I am hundreds or thousands of feet in the air with nothing below me.  But a bridge or a cliff?  Forget it!

Cuba Garlic Festival.  I love food festivals (is there a theme here?).  We have plenty of food festivals in the area dedicated to particular foods.  Franklinville has the Maple Festival, Eden the Corn Festival, the Peach Festival up north, I am sure I am missing a food.  I think all foods should have a festival.  I think we should start the melon festival.  Of course we will need to be careful how we sell that one!  Come see melons.  Big, juicy melons.

I digress.

The Cuba Garlic Festival had plenty of garlic and other vendors.  It was also a tad overpriced for my liking.  $7 to get in seemed a tad steep.  It wasn't that large a show.  Other than that, we didn't eat any of the food because we went just after the pancake breakfast so we were full.  Unfortunate since there seemed to be many food vendors with all kinds of goodies.  Perhaps then I wouldn't complain about the $7 entrance fee.  We did get a couple of different kinds of garlic.  Every meal should have garlic.  It should be the law.

Cuba Cheese Shop.  This is worth a trip by itself.  Why?  Cheese.  All kinds of cheese.  We are currently in love with the grilling cheese.  Halloumi cheese is perfect for grilling.  How come it doesn't melt and ooze all over?  Who cares!  Just eat it.  Some things don't need an explanation.  (There is an explanation but it doesn't matter to me - it's just delicious.)  Spread it with some jalapeno jam and you are all set.  The Cheese Shop has all sorts of other cheeses as you can imagine. It's worth a trip but the garlic festival gave us our excuse.

Drive through the countryside.  It isn't peak leaf-peeping season yet but it is still amazing country down here in the southern tier.  We could drive all day and never be bored or never get tired.  In addition to the views, we also like to look at houses, barns, land, landscaping, etc.  We are interested in paint colors and landscaping ideas.  We area also in love with old homes.  Cuba is perfect for old home viewing.  Such a beautiful town.  Franklinville is also full of old homes with character and charm.  In fact, I challenge you to find an old town in the southern tier that is not charming.

Tractor Supply Store.  This is my favorite damn store ever!  I have more fun in this store.  They sell pink and purple Carharts. I just think that's a hoot.  We get all sorts of things for the farm here. Today we needed dog food and a leash for Maggie.  See, we don't think just of us when we eat.  We also feed our dogs.  They are thankful.

Next week I will be selling Wild Mountain Organics at the WNY Fiber Arts Festival.  Please join me on Saturday at Emery Park in Wales.  I will be near the alpacas and llamas, I hope.

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