Wednesday, May 25, 2005


It's official. I am self-employed. Or pathetic. When the maildude knows who you are - you have reached a new height. Not sure what that height is exactly, but I'm there with other official people in the Village. There are 3 of us.

I have been using our local post office - which is right across the street from my house - regularly to mail products and such. The maildude finally asked what WMO was - the return address on most of the packages. A quick explanation later, we were joking that I hope he sees me every day! I think I may have even told him the story about my first company mailing at the post office near the airport. We had our company credit card and I had to break it in. I am great at breaking in credit cards, but I digress. The credit card read Pauline W. Hoffmann, Wild Mountain Organ. I just assumed they couldn't fit the entire word on the card. Turns out they made a hell of a mistake and it was damn funny! The mailguy asked what a Wild Mountain Organ was. I was so tempted to give an answer as I would to any friend, such as, Wild Mountain Organ - what every girl is looking for but ends up with Tame Molehill Piccolo. But I had to remain professional. Damn these ethics and morals.

I went to mail some more samples yesterday and my maildude (one of these days I will read his nametag and remember it) said, hey, I was doing part of the mail route the other day and you had about 10 pounds of magazines. I laughed and said, I love the magazines. I get my ideas from my magazines. As if I had to explain why on earth I get the mail I get. I didn't feel threatened by his comment. I felt a bit embarrassed. Like, what on earth do I need 10 pounds of magazines for? I felt myself explaining - well, it's really not that many, they just all come at once. He agreed that was probably the case. But truth be told, I get quite a few magazines. And they arrive at all different times of the month. But I love the magazines. I do get ideas from them but I also relax with them. They are my solace. If I had to make a list of the subscriptions, it would probably make you shudder.

In fact, when I am out of town and rely on friends to pick up my mail, I remember one joking that she was unaware that she needed a wheelbarrow. I may have also been responsible for any back pain she incurred as a result. My brother, in fact, was alarmed when I gave him the job. He couldn't believe how much mail I had and figured it had to take me a week to go through 3 day's worth of mail. Naw - I have it down to a science.

Leave me alone! I like the magazines. Now I say that I need them for my business. I must have the latest news and trends. I can also write the subscriptions off (Pam - I haven't told you that yet). In fact, it's lunch time. Perhaps I will nibble on something while I read a magazine.

Wild Mountain Organics (or Organ if you prefer), would love to do a more brisk mail order business to keep my maildude busy! Please take a look at our Web site for products we may mail to you!


Lori said...

Don't feel bad - I get 10 lbs of magazines too. And some of them I get are so sad I can't even give them to people for free when I'm done with them. Who knew I'm the only one who likes reading Rolling Stone. All my friends turn up their noses!!!!

Celia said...

Your link to WMO has a typo which prevents it from opening--change your coms to com! and good luck with your business!