Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Why I Ride

I was driving in the country with J the other day. Of course, that could have been my front yard, but we got rural and redneck and headed out. Not far from where we grew up. In fact, not far from where we are now. But I digress.

He drove me on backroads that I had surprisingly never been on. He used to ride his bike each day after school and he was sharing his riding route with me. Many rolling hills and open spaces. Expansive and beautiful. I thought that if the weather held up, I would try the route.

I ride to stay in shape.

I ride to challenge myself.

I ride to lose myself.

I ride to think and spur my creativity.

I ride because I have to.

It's almost as essential as breathing. I got the riding bug last year when I trained for the Century Ride in Lake Tahoe. That did it. I don't have the best bike or the sassiest outfits - although my outfits are damn sassy. I am not the fastest or most efficient. Who cares. When I am out riding on my own it's me against me. I am not competing with anyone else (Although I am sore at the girl who went by me yesterday as if she had been doing this her entire life. I was probably out riding longer than her so it's ok that she passed me. Besides - I looked better.)

The day could not have been nicer. People were outside waving and saying hello. I love the friendliness of the country. It's as if everyone knows everyone and actually likes them! It feels good zipping along a deserted road and getting a wave from someone driving their car by you - after slowing down and moving over to give you room! Can you imagine?

I ride when I need to think. If I am stuck on a problem, I ride. I ride it out and when I am finished I have the solution and I am satisfied. I found several characters to add to my book on this ride. And I solved some problems I was having with the business. I mentally cleaned out my refrigerator and made dinner. I am good!

I didn't want to return home but I knew I had to. If I kept riding, I may have had to call for help to get me home. It is still early in the season. I am not as svelte as I think I am when I have escaped for a ride. That thought comes crashing through after 1.5 hours. You think, holy shit, I have to get home. Home isn't around the corner. It's around 10 corners and up several hills.

But - what goes up, must come down. What hurts the most, has to stop hurting eventually. What is tough, has to ease up sooner or later. What feels good, though, can keep feeling good indefinitely!

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