Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Viva La Bobo

From NPR this morning:

Law enforcement officers in Elko, Nev., caught a man who burglarized a Nevada laundromat. He stole all six of the store's surveillance cameras. But police discovered that he forgot to pick up the video machine they were attached to. He left behind videotape that shows him close-up as he prepares to take down one camera after another. The suspect wore distinctive clothing, too. So police picked up the only guy in town wearing cowboy chaps and a trench coat.

Keep in mind that this guy is a member of the gene pool.

What went wrong:
-Do you not watch CSI? Every CSI episode that references surveillance cameras always has the crew reviewing the tape. THE TAPE! The cameras are hooked to something, you dumbass.

-Chaps and a trench coat? Is that coming back? Do I need to get to my nearest Banana Republic to get my chaps and trench coat? I haven't seen that in my fashion magazines.

-A laundromat? Who robs laundromats? Was there no bank in your town? Come on, laundromats are so last year. Or was this your first time? Stick to your day job which I can only surmise is moron.

That's all I have. Enjoy!

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