Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Want My Ice Cream, So Back It Out of My Way

When I am on a mission, don't stand in my way. It could get ugly.

Tonight was the third Buffalo/Ottawa playoff game in a wonderful series. I say wonderful because so far, Ottawa is taking quite a beating. Granted, there are still potentially 4 more games. And both teams are playing well, we are just getting more goals. We will see.

Today between the second and third periods, I was craving ice cream. There is an ice cream stand not far from where we were watching the game. I thought, no problem. 15 minutes, I can get my ice cream and get back in time for the third period to start.

There is quite a line at the stand, but it's ice cream. How damn hard is it to dispense? The guy in front of me with his 3 daughters (I hope they were his daughters or it's too icky for me to think about) was joking with me "I hope you don't want this anytime tonight."

I took that to mean that he had been waiting for a little bit and expected to be delayed. He joked with his girls for a couple minutes talking about dance recitals and some other crap. Then he got his turn at the ice cream counter.

And didn't know what he wanted. He didn't know what his kids wanted.

This is my message to you, ice cream man, Get your head out of your ass! If you are waiting in line, use that time wisely to figure out what the hell you want to order. Or get out of my way. Your idle chit chat with me and your kids detracted from the task at hand - You getting your creamy novelties to shut your girls up and me strapping on the custard feedbag.

This has always been a problem for me. I remember working at my uncle's seafood restaurant. He had a dining room but he also had counter service. There would be times when the counter would be so busy people had to wait - can you even imagine? I would listen to them complain about the wait and so on while I frantically tried to fill orders so that I could get to them to satisfy their urges. And when I would politely say "May I help you?", they would stare at me as if they had never seen a menu.

What the hell?!

All you people out there who complain about wait times and what-not, take a look. Are you one of the complainers who then holds everyone else up because you were too busy complaining to look at the menu and get your order together?

Thank God I got my ice cream in a timely fashion (thanks) and thank God the Sabres won. If not, I may have hunted that bastard down.

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Michael said...

Such is life! Heading to the local 'greasy-spoon' restaurant for our family's once a summer 'oil-change' meal I would try to get people to pre-order what they wanted in their minds so that we could avoid the nastiness in the line at the counter. It seldom worked. There'd always be the last minute changes and squabbles, delays and freak-outs.
At least in hockey, there're rules, with obvious winners and losers!
Keep writing - I love your stuff!