Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yoga in the Backyard

Today was such a wonderful day. It had to have been in the mid-70's. Normally, I cannot justify an indoor workout when the temperatures are like this, but I was desperate for yoga. What's a flexible, bendy girl with some creaks to do?

We haven't had rain in some time.

I have a yard with a fence that keeps most gawking eyes out.

I've been losing weight so debuting my body to the world on a yoga mat is the perfect thing to do.

I have a yoga mat. And a blanket to place underneath it.

So I do.

I don something not to revealing in case any wayward neighbors are on their balconies sipping Genny Creme Ale watching my ass in downward dog. I place my mat over the blanket over the ground. Finding a fairly flat spot that wasn't too rugged was a challenge, but I quickly got past that.

And I got started. I whispered my "om" and my chant. Then I did the first surya namaskara. And I never looked back. I almost forgot that I was potentially in clear view of everyone. It didn't matter. I could smell the pine and the lilac. Gazing up at my drishti I could see through the pine boughs to the sky. I felt a contentment and connectedness I hadn't felt in a yoga classroom or my living room. I found myself breathing more freely. I held my poses longer because it just felt right. I didn't worry that I wasn't wearing underwear underneath my yoga pants and that you could see my dragonfly tattoo every time I bent over. I felt good.

Now I'm screwed because I won't be able to do yoga in my living room in quite the same way. Do you think you can do yoga in snow drifts? I'll let you know in October (it is Buffalo after all).

What's really funny is that I opened one of my yoga manuals to double-check the spelling of Drishti and Surya Namaskara when a sleeve of condoms falls out. I cannot even imagine why I have condoms in my yoga manual. I don't recall ever needing to do "safe yoga". What would I do with them? Peculiar. I wonder what I will find in my pilates book? Or my 30-Minute Meals cookbooks?

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