Saturday, March 15, 2008

Damn you, Vertically Challenged People!

I am tall.

5'11", to be exact.

I am also overweight.

To try to improve the weight, I have been working out and participating in Weight Watchers. I use the online version because it is easy and I don't have to interact with others. I know that sounds horribly antisocial, but I prefer it.

We have a wonderful fitness center on our campus. It is damn near new and still glistens! One of my students teaches a step aerobics class. I enjoy going to her class on Thursday evenings. She kicks my ass and I end up sweating buckets.

I generally sweat quite a bit. I could sweat just standing. In fact, I have.

I have no idea why they need to keep the aerobics room at about 100 degrees F. I sweat before class even starts.

I am getting to the point......

After each class, I shower in the locker room. I usually have a meeting afterward and can't possibly show up at the meeting looking as I do.

This past Thursday, the aerobics room was hotter than a witch's tit in a brass bra in Phoenix in July so I was sweating quite a bit. In fact, I was so hot, I am quite sure my nipples melted off of my body.

I went to take a shower and ended up facing what I often face. A showerhead that came to about my eyeballs.

This may not sound too inconvenient, but the damn ceilings are 10 feet tall (or 8 feet or something - they are much taller than me)! Why must the showerhead be restricted in height? Why must I have to pull out all of my yoga moves to wash my damn hair?

What would happen if the showerhead was moved up slightly? Gravity is a wonderful thing. The water is still going to hit those who are vertically challenged (I think I have to call them this. Short might be considered derogatory. I don't know.). Momentum is going to make the water come shooting out at anyone underneath! What is the problem?!

Is it that those who are short might not be able to adjust the nossle? Why must it be adjusted? And can't they hook a gizmo or a lever of some sort to it so that you may adjust it from whatever height you might be cursed with? (Sorry, can you tell I have a bias toward those are also tall?)

It's not just at the gym. Go to any hotel. Same thing. Hell, we are going to install a shower in my house next weekend and you can bet your ass neither of us is going to have to contort to get the hell under it. My fiance is 6'5" or so. He isn't the most flexible guy. Why should he have to be?

I need to form a group.....Heft Our Showers (hos) or something like that.

Until then, thank God for yoga.

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