Monday, March 03, 2008

Extreme Ironing

I was reading one of my magazines this weekend and came across a new "sport."

Extreme ironing.

Apparently what you do is take your iron and ironing board, along with something that requires ironing, to an extreme location, iron, and then have someone snap a picture.

For example, the picture I saw had a dude standing on top of some rocky spire kind of thing with his ironing board, iron and a shirt that was likely wrinkled. He had the ironing board kinda perched on his leg - because this isn't the best place to iron, or so I imagine. He was ironing, all right.

At my house, any kind of ironing might be considered an extreme sport since I tend to not iron. That's why they made dryers - stick your clothes in the dryer for a couple minutes and you have unwrinkled clothes!

That doesn't always work. You want to also make sure you take your clothes out of the dryer, initially, in a reasonable amount of time to prevent wrinkles to begin with.

I did iron recently. A nice pair of pants. It is important to set the iron to the correct temperature for the material you are ironing. It also helps if you look at the tag in the clothes rather than guessing. When you guess, you end up with an iron mark on your ass and you've ruined a perfectly good pair of pants.

That's extremem ironing.

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