Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We were steered clear of the fat lady section

My friend and I were in a specialty intimates/swimwear shop the other day because we are both quite hip and cool. Actually, one of my students works at this shop and is working with the shop as part of her final IMC project developing a complete marketing plan for them.

At any rate, my friend mentioned that she loved the shop because the selection is amazing and the people are helpful and such. Also, the quality is top notch.

I have to say, I fell in love. I had a great time looking at all the suits and intimate apparel. I told my friend we couldn't buy anything until I found out if my student earned commission. If we were going to purchase, my student should benefit.

We were wandering throughout the entire store and happened into the back section. We were admiring the suits when the owner came by and said, "You know, you are in the plus size section. Many of the suit styles that are back here are also up in the front section."

We were politely steered out of the fat lady section!

This is big news because my friend and I had been losing weight these last few months. But I guess we didn't realize we were actually skinny.

No one who is skinny and had been skinny her entire life will appreciate this story. But if you are formerly fat, you may be shedding a little tear over this story.

We are no longer thought of as plus size. I feel so good I want to run naked down my street shouting "I was kicked out of the fat lady section of the swimsuit store!"

But I won't because it's still a bit chilly.

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