Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Running and eating...

It is a gorgeous day! I must run! I no longer have to run, I may run because I want to. And today I want to.

Well, I don't really want to. I am afraid to start running again because I haven't run much since the marathon in October. I am afraid I won't be able to run. How does one go from running 26.2 miles to not running at all? Chalk it up to running burnout. And, boy, did I have running burnout.

But I am armed with new running shoes. I left my marathon shoes with a girl in Uganda. She is tall and I thought she could use them.

What a difference new running shoes make.

I ran two miles and I ran it well. Could I have run longer? Probably, but let's not die on the first day.

I ran well: good posture, sassy outfit, new shoes, good breathing technique. I had it all.

Next time I will run 3 miles.

I do enjoy running.

I made one of my favorite breakfasts this morning.  It was inspired by Denny's, if you can believe it.  I forget what Denny's calls this dish, but they take spinach, breakfast sausage, onions, hot peppers, and other veggies and fry that up.  Then add an egg to it.  I do something very similar.  I heat olive oil in a pan and then add onion and pepper (Red, green or yellow depending on what I have on hand and on what colors are already represented in the dish.  I like to jazz up the dish and add as many colors as possible.).  I let that fry a bit.  Then I add banana peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach.  I fry an egg in a separate pan.  I put the veggie mix on a plate and then toss the egg on top.  I like my fried eggs sunny side up so the yolk oozes into my veggie mix.  Delicious!  I recommend this to everyone.  It is also quite filling.

Lunch was leftover meatloaf, asparagus and mashed potatoes.  Delicious.  The best meatloaf recipe can be found in the Better Homes and Gardens classic cookbook.  It never disappoints and it is very easy.  I put my husband's homemade BBQ sauce on top instead of the ketchup mixture.  Yummy.

For dinner, I made a ham.  During the holidays we stock up on discounted hams, turkeys, etc.  Actually, anytime there is a sale on meat, we stock up.  Usually we get a larger piece and cut it up into steaks or chops.  Very economical and we have the freezer for it.

I also planned to use the ham during the week.  My husband will make sandwiches with some of it and I will make a nice ham, asparagus, broccoli strata and a ham tetrazzini.

I hate to waste food and this is a good way to use the ham and to try new recipes.  Ham is also quite good for you.

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