Monday, September 22, 2014

Amber Waves of Grain

Jamie and I found ourselves driving all over creation last summer.  What was funny is that we seemed to notice all the wheat/grain fields as we were driving.  They had to have been there for years, but last year, we noticed them everywhere and fell in love with the color.  We decided that we had to paint one of the rooms in our new house the color of those fields.

Jamie asked me how we might find it and I told him I could guarantee that one or more of the paint companies would have "amber waves of grain" or some derivation thereof.  Sure enough, Valspar has a color named "Amber Waves."  It became the color we put in our hallway.

I also told Jamie that we had to paint something with the two accent colors we often found with the fields - one a vivid pink/purple and another a palish blue.  We haven't done that yet, but it's coming.

I have added some before pictures of the hallway below:

The ceiling has been replaced as has the light fixture.  The "wall" at the end of the hall has been removed and a French door has been added.  The space is much more open now.

The paneling is visible in the hallway in a better way than in the living room.  It is the same.  Also, the carpet is the same as in the living room.  It has been removed.  The hallway may be seen in the after photos of the living room in a previous post.  I will also take more after photos after we finish some additional handiwork.

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