Monday, December 29, 2014

Reno over Christmas

Many people celebrate Christmas with family and friends.  Well, we've moved far enough away that it takes effort to get to family and friends.  Also, we were having people over the day after for dinner.  Christmas was our free day.

So we did some home remodeling projects.

We had painted the hallway earlier in the year.  We wanted to mimic the color we found when we drove by wheat fields.  We knew we could find "amber waves of something" in Lowes or Home Depot.  Come on - that had to be a color.  We sure did.  Jamie didn't like it.  He didn't think I would like it.  I lived with it for a few months and decided I did not like it.  If this color was to mimic a field of grain, we were driving my different fields.  It sure didn't do that.

We found a different color that was a bit more brown.  Jamie called it mushroom.  Official name:  Valspar Hotel St. Francis Fawn.

Yes, I did find it ironic that I chose a color with St. Francis in the name since I do work at the first Franciscan University in the U.S. - St. Bonaventure.  I digress.

Also, Black Friday has become a shopping day for my good friend and me.  We don't hit the normal outlets, but choose local shops.  We always go to Cone Five Pottery on Hertel Ave. in Buffalo.  They have wonderful things and we go ape-shit crazy each year. I bought these wonderful wall vases to add to the hallway.  Here is a pic of them before and after the wall painting.  Please note that we also painted the French doors to the front room!  They are the usual trim color - Snowbank.  Hey, we didn't have a white Christmas, but we were painting with Snowbank so all is right with the world.
Wall vases with new wall color.
Wall vases with the original
Amber Waves wall color

French doors painted with doorknobs.  We will get to the trim soon enough.
French doors from the dining room.  We will get to the wall trim.  Baby steps.

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