Sunday, April 19, 2015

Take Five

I am rather surprised at myself.  I've been doing this every week since I said I would.  That never happens.

What's interesting this week?  What did I learn?  I have five items below that show that God/Goddess really does want us to be happy.

1.  Sangria is God's/Goddess' love on Earth.  I was in NYC with our AAF students from Thursday through last night and I had Sangria a couple of days.  There is nothing like sipping this wonderful "juice" on a beautiful day.  I think it it God's way of showing his love (or Goddess' way of showing her love - take your pick).

2.  Daffodil's are a reminder that winter does end....eventually.  I saw plenty of daffodils and tulips in NYC.  It was when I saw daffodils when I got home last night that I was really happy.  I was even happier this morning when my husband put a couple of daffodils in a glass with water and put them on the nightstand.  What a sight to wake up to.

3.  Hot dogs on the grill are worth coming home to.  I love the smell of street food when I travel.  NYC has some wonderful street food.  It also has some wonderful non-street food (if you can't find something unique and wonderful to eat in NYC, go to McDonald's and shut your pie hole).  The street food made me want hot dogs today.  I had to dress them with some of our homemade sauerkraut.  Delicious.  Other foods I usually want when I come home from a trip - pizza, fresh fruit, milk, salad.  Not in that order and not always, but often enough to mention it.

4.  Dogs are a girl's best friend.  I miss my husband when I am away, but I think I miss my dogs more.  I think my husband knows that and isn't surprised or hurt. I suspect he misses the dogs when he's away also.

5. Getting your car back when you land is awesome.  I love the subway in NYC.  I think I love the efficiency of it and the cheapness.  I also love that you can people watch.  It's like Broadway, but underground and unscripted and kinda smelly.  Fun to be had.  But....there is nothing like getting off the plane and taking the shuttle to long-term parking, remembering where you parked in section 19, remembering what car is yours (this is for the family who were in the shuttle with me who didn't know where they parked or even which vehicle was theirs.  Nice.), loading up, turning the key and hitting the road.  Next step is to follow the damn directions when you go to pay with your credit card.  Those damn machines are particular.  The ticket has to go in a certain way and your credit card had to go in a certain way.  Really?  Technology being what it is we can't figure this shit out so that it reads it no matter what way you stick it in?  Hmmmm.


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David K. said...

It's been a long time, but every so often, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I find myself pining for a Sabrett's hot dog, fished from the murky waters of a hot dog push cart in lower Manhattan. Thanks for the memories!